Tooling and Fixtures

Tooling & Fixturing

With our knowledgeable and professional team we have 45 years of combined experience at K & A Machining, Inc.  Our proficiency level enables us to surpass our competitors in pricing, quality and delivery. Our energetic team members are continually advancing in tooling and fixturing.  By using our 3D CAD CAM software we are able to design and engineer some of the most complex parts in the growing industry. We have your tooling and fixturing needs covered.

Multi Axis Machining

Our 3D CAD CAM software can design, engineer, and cut the most complex parts and shapes in the trade.  These multi axis machines allow parts to be machined complete without multiple operations or set ups. Whatever your requirements may be we have the technology and equipment to support your projects.   If you only need a few parts or one thousand parts K & A Machining, Inc. is here to execute your demands.